nights out minibus hire Cambridge

Our fleet consists of modern and stylish minibuses and coaches that can accommodate any size party. Each of our vehicles is staffed with a professional and courteous driver who makes sure that you arrive at all of your destinations safely during the evening.

All of our minibuses and coaches are roomy and comfortable. Passengers will be pleased with the leg room they will enjoy as well as the comfort of their seats. All of the buses have temperature control features and tinted windows for night time privacy. Each vehicle also has an entertainment system.

Our drivers are experienced and courteous and have all the necessary training and certifications to operate our vehicles safely. They will arrive for your event on time and they will be ready when you are ready to end the evening.

Our service is available year round and around the clock. You are not restricted by any dates or times to schedule your outing. We will be pleased to accommodate your needs because we know that life does not run on a specific time schedule.

Our nights out minibus hire Cambridge service is very affordable. Most people are really surprised at how affordable this type of service is when they schedule a vehicle. Keeping our prices low is what has made us a top provider of these services in the Cambridge area.


We know that your night out is very important to you. We are here to help make sure that your event is a success and that you and your party returns home safely.