Minibus and Coach Hire

Cambridge Minibus and Coach Hire will offer you chauffeur driven minibus hire and coach hire for any occasion. Over the years we have taken many bookings for private parties, office functions and much more. The city of Cambridge comes under the CB1 post code area.

CB1 Minibus will offer all available sizes and this will include executive hire for major events and special family days out. Some of our vehicles include the Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Viano, Renault Trafic, VW Transporter, Ford Transit and the Citroen Relay. We will provide you with competitive quotes and a safe door to door service.Minibus Hire Cambridge is unique in its quality of service which is very much appreciated in the community

Cambridge is a city based in Cambridgeshire. It is also considered a university town due to the presence of one of the most privileged educational establishments in the whole country. It is also in the East Anglia region and can also be considered close to the Capital city of London as well. The University does deserve special mention and also do its other buildings which include amongst others the Kings College Chapel, Cambridge University Library and the St John’s College.

Historically the area of Cambridge has been in existence back in the Roman days and it was used as a farmstead. Fast forwarding into the 1900s, the area saw vast expansion with many council estates being formed and in later years a shopping arcade was built. Many more shopping areas followed as well as its educational institutions. We can also note that the Cambridge University is not the only university in Cambridge as it also has a polytechnic university as well. It actually became a city in the year 1951 and this seems a surprise due to the strong emphasis on the educational establishments. There are also meant to be some further developments in the city in years to come.

There are many sites in the wonderful city of Cambridge and we have already mentioned the famous Cambridge University. Other sites include the Cambridge Corn Exchange, The Munford Theatre, ADC Theatre, The Cambridge Film Festival, St Mary’s Church, Great St Mary’s Church, St Edmunds College and also the mathematical bridge which is famous for its boat rides. Cambridge comes under the CB1 post code area.

Cambridge has a great deal of transport links and these include train links to Liverpool, London and Kings Cross as well.There are also links to places like Norwich, Ipswich and Stanstead Airport from Cambridge minibus hire. The main road links include the M11, A14 and also other roads on the outskirts. It is served by its own airport under the name of Marshall’s Airport.

Cambridge minibus hire is a professional transportation company that excels in providing superior service to its clientele. Our company has extensive experience in the personal travel and transport industry and is proud to provide quality service to our clients at an affordable rate.

When you are looking for coach hire Cambridge services, we are your one-stop service. We have a very large fleet of modern busses ranging from eight passenger minibuses to exquisite 72 seat double decker buses. We are available every day of the year and around the clock.

Our Drivers And Fleet Are Top Of The Line

Our drivers are experienced and well qualified. We have made sure that each of our drivers possesses all of the necessary certifications to operate our vehicles. Additionally, we have provided our drivers with extra training in safety so that your experience is one that is not only comfortable but safe.

Our drivers are very familiar with Cambridge and the surrounding area which is an additional benefit to our clients. Guests on our buses do not have to worry about taking too long to reach their destination because the driver is unfamiliar with the area. Our drivers are also very knowledgeable about the areas and events taking place and will be pleased to answer questions or make suggestions for your enjoyment.

As a final benefit of our elite driving staff, each driver is very courteous and helpful. We believe that the drivers of our vehicles should always have the best interest of the client in mind, and we insist that they are customer friendly and helpful.

Our extensive fleet contains late model or brand new buses. We believe that when you ue a coach hire Cambridge for your transportation needs, it should be of the highest quality.

Our vehicles are designed to provide comfort. Each has central air conditioning, comfortable seats covered with the softest materials, and entertainment amenities. Our larger vehicles even have video screens so you can sit back and watch a video while you are on your way to your special event.

Our vehicles are well maintained to keep them mechanically sound. We keep our vehicles extraordinarily clean on the inside and out. We feel that our strict adherence to cleanliness enhances the overall experience of our clients

Finally, we believe that we can provide this outstanding service to our clients while remaining affordable. We strive to provide the best price for all events and occasions.

When you are looking for coach hire Cambridge services, the first two things that come to mind are the reliability of the company and the cost for services. Many people believe that they can have one or the other, but never both. Cambridge minibus is pleased to inform their clients that they can have reliable and professional service at an affordable rate.

Our company has worked very hard to establish themselves as a leading coach hire Cambridge service provider. We have a fleet of modern busses ranging in sizes from eight seats to double decker buses able to accommodate 72 people. Our fleet is well maintained, extraordinarily clean, and equipped with all of the finest amenities. Our seats are made to be comfortable, and our vehicles have all of the latest safety technologies to protect you during your travels.

Our drivers are experienced and well trained. They hold all the proper certifications to operate our vehicles and continually refresh their skills. We only employ courteous and helpful drivers to ensure that our clients always feel satisfied with the service.

Our vehicles are available every day of the year and at any time. We offer many different rental schedules, ranging from a few hours to several days. Our purpose is to meet your needs. Our buses are all equipped to meet the needs of those with disabilities

Some of the most common reasons our buses are hired:


  • Wedding Parties. Guests and the bridal party often use our services for easy transport to and from the wedding.
  • Business Conferences. Businesses reduce expenses by consolidating their employees into one bus to go to a convention instead of multiple taxis.
  • Festivals and Sporting Events. Many people enjoy attending these events in comfort and without the hassle of having to combat traffic.
  • Stag and Hen Parties. Traveling as a group is much more fun and it allows everyone to arrive home safely.

We guarantee on-time service. We understand that our buses are hired to transport people in a timely manner. We know that if you are attending a special event you want to be there on time. We make sure to schedule our drivers in a manner that allows for a timely arrival.

If you are in need of a coach hire, we encourage you to examine the different services and bus sizes that we offer and our affordable pricing structure. You can speak with one of our professional customer service reps to arrange for the right bus for your needs.

We are pleased to offer superior service to all of our clients who are in need of minibus services. We encourage you to contact one of our courteous sales reps to make reservations for your coach hire