Cambridge Minibus Tours

Cambridge is an incredible place to visit. Filled with modern marvels and beautiful historical sites, there is always a lot to experience when you visit the area. Cambridge University offers many different seminars and cultural events, some hosted on site while others take place in different parts of the city. Festivals and fairs are held year round, with some of them drawing in people from around Europe. Museums, shops, and other attractions all draw visitors to this wonderful city.

Visitors may find that this can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are not familiar with the area or traveling with a larger group. It can become quite chaotic trying to maneuver through the area while keeping a group of people together.

This is where our Cambridge minibus tours service becomes the answer to your problems. We have a complete fleet of minibuses and coaches available to escort you around the area. All of our minibuses and coaches are operated by a professional driver that is familiar with the area and always on time.

The Many Benefits Of Using Cambridge Minibus Tours’

When you arrive in Cambridge for holiday or business reasons, you should be able to enjoy yourself. Why be burdened with fighting traffic or looking for appropriate parking? You can easily secure a minibus hire to take you where you need to go and when you want to arrive.

Our fleet of minibuses and coaches are top-of-the-line. Each vehicle has large comfortable seats, sufficient room to get to and from the seats, and ample leg room for the comfort of our clients. The vehicles all have tinted windows to help manage the glare from the sun and allow our guests to sightsee and experience the beauty of Cambridge.

All vehicles have climate control features that help keep our guests comfortable and relaxed. Entertainment systems are installed in all vehicles, with some of the larger vehicles even having plasma screens for video enjoyment.

Our fleet is equipped to accommodate all guests with disabilities. Our professional drivers will gladly help those with disabilities enter and exit the vehicles with ease. I our guests are traveling with small children safety seats are available.

Our professional drivers are always prompt and ready to make your experience enjoyable. They are very familiar with the area and will make sure that you arrive on time to your destination. They also offer great advice on places to visit and eat. Our drivers are all certified to operate our vehicles and have impeccable safety records.

Our minibuses and coaches are all well maintained and kept exceptionally clean. We believe that our fleet represents us as a company and desire to always make a good impression.

Our fleet is ready to serve at any time of the day or night or on any day of the year. We believe that you should not be restricted to an anyone else’s schedule than your own.

We believe that when you speak to one of our friendly and helpful customer service reps, they will be able to schedule you a tour that is perfect for your needs. Our large range of vehicles can accommodate small groups or parties of up to 72 people with ease. We also believe that you will be extremely pleased with our economical pricing.