Cambridge Minibus Hire

Cambridge Minibus Hire

The Cambridge Minibus Hire service is our most regular and standard service which is available for everyone and for people who are in the region of eight to fourteen. These people will require transport for special occasions such as weddings, christenings, birthdays, and other trips. The seating capacity for this service is normally eight seater, twelve seater and also fourteen seater capacities.

Normally such bookings are carried out swiftly without complications and this makes up for the bulk of the work carried out by our staff. The instructions are easy to follow but our friendly staff will always assist with any unforeseen complications.

This service is deemed cost effective in comparison to the larger coach hire and we have our very own unit who carry out all the bookings as well as local chauffeurs who will drive you to the designated areas. Work is only outsourced when it is busy and specified needs have to be met.Cambridge minibus is the local company for the best deals across CB1

This service is available throughout the year and is very popular amongst our customers. Although booking is swift, due to the demand; we still ask customers to make enquiries as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We are pleased to offer the finest minibus hire Cambridge services. Our company proudly operates a large fleet of 8, 12, and 16 seater minibuses for the Cambridge area. We are a reliable company that offers on-time service for pick up and departures and each of our vehicles is staffed with a professional and courteous driver.

All of our minibuses are late model or brand new vehicles that have been meticulously cleaned and maintained. We believe that it is important for our vehicles to look and operate well so that our clients always feel satisfied with their personal transport experience.

Our minibuses are all equipped to accommodate anyone with special needs, and are drivers are willing and able to provide any help these guests may need entering and exiting the vehicles. As an additional benefit to our guests with small children, safety seats are available for our buses upon their request.

Our minibuses all have central air conditioning and heat to ensure the comfort of our passengers. Our seats are very comfortable and roomy, and entering and exiting the vehicle can be done with ease. Our vehicles have quality entertainment systems for your enjoyment, and all of our windows are tinted to prevent sun glare which also allows you to better enjoy the scenery.

Our minibus drivers are all certified to operate our vehicles and have had additional training in safety and customer care. Each driver strives to provide excellent service to our clients through their courtesy, driving skills and local knowledge. Many guests find that the information they receive from our drivers about places to visit, eat, and shop have improved their outing.

Our minibus hire Cambridge service is available every day of the year and at all times. You can schedule our minibuses for short periods of time or all day events. Whatever your needs are for private transport ? we can accommodate you.

Some Of The More Popular Reasons For Minibus Hire  
  • Wedding Parties. Our minibuses are perfect for transporting wedding parties to and from the wedding as well as to the reception. For lager weddings, we also have minibuses available to transport guests to and from the wedding and reception.
  • Church Outings. Many church groups find that it is easier and more cost effective to hire a minibus to get to and from an outing than to ride in separate vehicles. This also has the additional benefit of being able to socialize during the ride.
  • Stag or Hen Parties. If you are going out on the town for a wild night, the best thing to do is hire a minibus. This guarantees that everyone arrives home safely.
  • Fair or Festival Attendance. Cambridge hosts many festivals and fairs throughout the year. Many of these draw huge crowds from around the U.K. Attending these events in a minibus is convenient.
  • Business Conventions or Seminars. Businesses find that using a minibus to transport employees to and from corporate events increases employee networking and is very cost efficient.
  • Day Trips. With so much to enjoy around Cambridge, many groups like to schedule day trips with a professional driver so they can take in the sights and enjoy the day without the hassles of driving.
We believe that you will find that our service is superior and that our prices are very economical. We will be pleased to schedule your minibus rental. If you are in need of a larger rental, our fleet also consists of several size coaches, including a luxurious double decker coach that seats 72 people. Our customer service reps will connect you with the right transportation for your needs.