49 Seater Coach Hire Cambridge

49 -53 coach hire Cambridge

49 - 53 seater coach hires in Cambridge.Cambridge and its surrounding area are absolutely beautiful. Within the city there are so many attractions that it is hard to see them all, especially if you are driving. This task becomes especially difficult if you are trying to move many people at a time using several vehicles. When this happens, your day becomes more chaotic than pleasurable. This is where coach hire Cambridge services can make your life, and your outing, more enjoyable. Part of our large fleet of private transport vehicles is large coaches that can accommodate 49-53 people. These luxurious coaches are very modern and packed with all of the latest amenities.

Each coach has very large and comfortable seats. There is plenty of leg room for our guests and the walkway between the seats is spacious. The windows of the coach are tinted to keep out glare from the sun, and each coach is equipped with central air conditioning and heat. Our coaches all have modern entertainment systems making the journey even more relaxing.

All coaches in our fleet are equipped to meet the needs of anyone with a disability. Our drivers are there to provide assistance so that everyone is happy and secure.

Our drivers are all experienced and professionally trained to operate a large coach. Each driver also carries additional certifications for safety and other training measures. Each driver is courteous and helpful and can make your experience overwhelmingly good.

Our full size coach hire Cambridge service is perfect for day trips to visit area attractions, to move large groups to and from family and business functions, or to use for church or organization events. This coach has also been highly recommended for school outings.

One of the best benefits to using a coach to transport large groups of people to and from a function is cost. It is very economical to us a coach for transportation instead of paying to operate and park many vehicles at any event. Additionally, traveling by coach allows you to interact with the group you are traveling with, making the journey a memorable one.

Our coaches are always available for your service. We encourage you to experience the luxury of riding in one of our coaches when you attend your next family event or business outing. We believe that once you experienced the comfort of our coaches and the professionalism of our staff, you will never travel a different way again.