16 Seater Minibus

Our 16 seater minibuses are spacious and clean, ensuring our clients comfort during their travels. We keep our fleet well maintained so that our buses avoid common breakdowns. Our seating is comfortable and there is generous leg room for our clients.

All of our 16 seat buses have the capacity to carry up to 16 passengers and 9 suitcases with ease. Our minibuses are also able to accommodate those with special needs. Upon request, we can also provide child safety seats for passengers with children.

Minibus hire Cambridge services include a professional driver. We hold our drivers to the highest standards. Our drivers are fully trained to operate the minibus and hold all certifications necessary to qualify them as a safe driver. Our drivers are courteous and helpful and will ensure that you have a pleasant transportation experience.

As an additional benefit, our drivers are very familiar with the Cambridge area and will provide useful information to help you enjoy your trip. Almost acting as a tour guide, your driver will be able to give you some historical information, recommendations on places to see or eat, and will always try to answer any questions you may have.

Our modern buses have all the finest amenities so that your experience will be pleasant. Central air conditioning, entertainment systems and some even have plasma screens for viewing enjoyment.

The 16 seat minibus is very popular with businesses. Companies attending seminars, business retreats, or conventions find that this is a preferred method of transport. By securing a minibus, the company reduces the costs of paying separate taxi bills, parking fees and other associated costs with traveling to an event. This also provides the employees a way to travel together and effectively represent their company.

Our company is proud to provide quality transportation to residents and visitors of Cambridge. We continually strive to make every client pleased with their experience. Our ability to do so is what keeps our customers returning every time they have a personal transport need. Our customer service personnel are available to help you select the right minibus to meet your requirements. We look forward to serving you.