Minibus for Corporate Events in Cambridge

There are some excellent venues in Cambridge when it comes to corporate events and being a place with significant establishments, it comes at little surprise.

A good venue to consider is the Homerton Conference Centre which actually specialises in this trade. It is cater for all forms of events and some of the facilities they can offer include flip charts, screens, pads, pens, stationery and also over head projectors. They can accommodate for up to one hundred people and also provide a dining experience for well over two hundred and fifty. Special offers are always available during Christmas and other holidays.

Cambridge Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to business events and office functions with ease, professionalism and comfort, and at affordable prices.

The Moller Centre can also be booked for such events and some of the facilities they can offer include many individual rooms, flood lit areas, well prepared food including a healthy option and also many other modern facilities. Parking is also available as well as overnight availability.

Many other venues include the Madingley Hall which is widely regarded as an excellent venue and it can cater for up to one hundred people as well as services from friendly staff.