Cambridge Coach Company

Our two main services come under the headings of Cambridge Minibus Hire and also Cambridge Coach Company Hire. Both services are separate but offered simultaneously. The Coach Hire service is normally available for groups in the region of 16+ people and the Minibus Hire is available for groups in the region of 8 to 14 people.

The most suited will depend on the particular visit and also on the specified needs as well. One example is where there a small group of people but luggage out numbers them. Here it might even be ideal to hire a minibus due to the open space or even book two minibuses. This may even work out cheaper than a coach hire. However each circumstance is different and travelling distance may dictate terms overall.

Alternatively a coach may be suited simply because the journey is long distance. This is because a coach can offer more facilities than a minibus e.g. indoor toilet, DVD players, fridges and many other extras. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.

We will always assist you in making the right decision by providing as much information to you as possible.

e are a leading Cambridge coach company that manages a large fleet of minibuses and coaches. Our impressive fleet consists of personal transport vehicles that can accommodate 8 to 72 passengers. All of our vehicles are late model or new, and all come with the finest amenities.

Our services are very economical, and all of our hire vehicles come with a professional driver. We are available every day of the year and at all hours. Our accessibility and affordability is what has made us a top Cambridge coach company.

About Our Coaches

Our minibuses and coaches have been selected because they meet all of the requirements we find necessary to satisfy our clients. All of our vehicles have:

  • Large Comfortable Seats. We made sure that when our passengers were seated they would be comfortable. The passenger areas are large enough to move through without hassle and there is plenty of leg room for our guests.
  • Disabled Access. All of our minibuses and coaches have access areas for our guests with disabilities. Our drivers are available to help our guests enter and exit the vehicles in these areas.
  • Tinted Windows. You should be able to enjoy the scenery without sun glare. These tinted windows also offer additional protection from the heat.
  • Air Conditioning and Heat. All of our vehicles have climate control features to ensure the comfort of our clients.
  • Entertainment Centers. Each minibus and coach has an entertainment center. Larger coaches even have plasma screens so clients can watch videos as they travel.
  • Child Safety Seats. For guests that are traveling with children, child safety seats will be available upon request.

Each minibus or coach hire comes with a professional driver. Our drivers have been trained to operate all of our vehicles and carry all of the proper certifications to make them safe and effective drivers. We only employ drivers that are courteous and kind, and we pride ourselves on their overall professionalism.

Our fleet is well maintained and is kept impeccably clean. We actively care for our fleet to ensure unnecessary break downs which would result in an inconvenience to our clients.We are pleased to say that our vehicles are always ready when you need them and that our drivers are on time. Arriving at your destination on time and leaving when ready is important to the success of your event. Our drivers are prompt and they are skilled at arriving on schedule.

There are many reasons that you may need the services of a private coach or minibus. We are ready and able to meet and exceed all of those needs.

We encourage you to contact one of our professional and friendly staff members to discuss when your event will take place and what type of vehicle you will require. We are positive that you will be matched with the right vehicle and driver for your needs. Our affordable and dependable service is just what everyone desires when they need a private minibus or coach hire.