Business Events Minibus in Cambridge

When your company is planning to attend a conference, seminar, or exposition, one of the largest expenses involved is the cost of getting all the employees to the event. The use of personal transportation requires multiple expense accounts to be paid, and in some cases, allows employees to arrive late or miss the event.

A solution to this problem is business and corporate minibus hire Cambridge services. Our company provides quality transportation services that meet or exceeds the needs of all our business clients.

We offer transport service to and from your business, your hotel, or the airport or train station. We can move your employees quickly to different meeting places if necessary during the day. We are always on time, and your employees will arrive at their destination promptly.

About Our Fleet

We have a large fleet of modern transport vehicles. Our fleet ranges in size from an eight passenger minibuses to the elite 72 passenger double decker coach. All of our vehicles are newer models and are meticulously maintained and kept very clean. We believe that these vehicles represent our company as a whole, and we love to make a good impression.

All of our vehicles are equipped with spacious and comfortable seating. There is sufficient room inside the vehicles to move easily into the seats, and clients are always pleased with the available leg room. All vehicles have tinted windows to help control the heat and reduce the sun glare. Climate control is installed in the vehicles so the temperature is always perfect.

Each of our vehicles is staffed with an experienced driver. All of our drivers carry the proper certifications necessary for operating our vehicles. Safety is always a concern, and our drivers have outstanding safety records.

If any of your employees have a disability, our vehicles are equipped to allow them easy access into and out of the vehicle. Our driver is also available to provide assistance to these clients.Our Business And Corporate Minibus Hire Cambridge Service Is Economical

Businesses often overlook the convenience of using a minibus hire for corporate events because they believe it will be a large expense. The truth is, using a transport service like this actually saves money for the company. Companies reduce traveling expenses by consolidating transportation into one single payment.

As an additional benefit, using this type of service to move employees to and from corporate events ensures on time arrivals and participation. It also provides your employees a chance to network with each other and accomplish other business goals while in transit.

We encourage you to speak with one of our customer service representatives about the services we can provide your company. We believe that we will be able to match you with the right size vehicle and professional driver in a cost effective manner. Our services are available every day and around the clock, so there is never a conflict with your schedule.