38 -33 -35 Seater Minibus coach hire Cambridge

Cambridge has a long and distinct history. Archeological sites have shown people to have lived in this area or over 3,500 years. Historically, Cambridge has been associated with the Romans and the Vikings and was an important trading center for both of these cultures. In the 1100’s, Cambridge became “established” as an English town even though the official charter was not granted until 1951.

Cambridge is most commonly associated with Cambridge University. The University of Cambridge was established in 1209 and is the second oldest university in the United Kingdom and the third oldest university in the world.

Because this area is so rich in history and modern marvels Cambridge is a very popular destination. Sporting events, large festivals and fairs, and incredible museums attract visitors from around the world.

Visitors and residents alike who wish to attend these events in comfort and ease will find that coach hire Cambridge services is exactly what they need to make the event complete. Our 28-35 seater coaches are perfect for transporting large parties to and from events in and around the Cambridge area.

Equipped with all of the finest amenities, our modern fleet of coaches can comfortably transport any size part as well as any cargo they may have with them. Our well maintained coaches are always clean and comfortable.

Our coaches have access or people with special needs and our drivers are always available to provide assistance for entering or exiting the vehicle. For clients traveling with children, child safety seats are available upon request. Our experienced drivers will provide you with a pleasant experience and always have helpful advice to offer to make your trip more pleasurable.

Residents of the area have also found that coach hire Cambridge services are very useful. Groups of friends, co-workers, or large families can travel to destinations with ease, all while enjoying each other’s company instead of traveling in several vehicles. This type of service has been very useful for family functions such as attending weddings, reunions, and even funeral ceremonies. Businesses in the area have also found that hiring a coach to transport employees to events is more economical than paying for separate taxis or individual transportation.

Our coaches are available year round and at all times. It is our pleasure to accommodate your needs. We believe that you will be very pleased with your experience. It is our goal to remain a top provider of coach hire services in the Cambridge area.

Our coaches are available for a wide variety of events including:

• School Outings
• Club or Church Events
• Day Trips
• Business Events
• Stage and Hen Parties
• Airport Transport
• Wedding Ceremonies
• Attending Sporting Events
• Visiting Local Attractions
• Funeral Processions
• Night Out – Pub Crawls
• Birthday Parties
• Attending Local Festivals
• College Events

Our clients have a wide range of needs for private transport and we are here to meet each and every need. There are many more reasons that you may find a reason to need a mini coach hire, and we will be pleased to provide the service. Our fleet is available every day and at all hours.

We always recommend making reservations for our services. Our customer service representatives are always available and ready to match you with the perfect coach hire to meet your needs. We believe that you will be very satisfied with the superior service you receive.